Winter Wedding Makeup Tips

Winter Wedding Makeup Tips Amazing Lash Studio San Antonio
Seven tips to help you to look amazing on your big day

Nothing is more beautiful than a white wedding set in a winter wonderland, but planning your big day during the coldest season of the year has one small drawback. With harsh winds and icy temperatures wreaking havoc on your skin, your pre-wedding beauty routine will need a lot of extra love. From healing dry spots to weather-proofing your foundation, below are the top seven tips you need to know to look amazing on your big day.

1. Treat your skin. Healthy skin is the most important ingredient in the formula for flawless makeup. In the weeks before your big day, exfoliate twice a week to scrub off dead cells and bring out your complexion’s natural inner glow. To avoid irritation, opt for a winter-friendly mild formula with microbeads instead of a traditional exfoliating scrub.

2. Start using night cream. Heavier and more nourishing than sheer day moisturizers, night creams pack a more powerful punch against winter’s drying air. Plus, because your skin takes in more nutrients at night, night creams are excellent for making up lost hydration.

3. Pick up a primer. Applied right before the foundation, primers fill in large pores, smooth out imperfections and create a stronger base for longer-lasting makeup. For a brighter, more radiant finish, choose a light-reflecting formula.

4. Skip matte makeup. It might look great in summer sunlight, but under winter’s overcast skies, matte foundation has a tendency to make skin appear especially dull and lifeless.

5. Get eyelash extensions. If you’ve been waiting for the right occasion to try this luxurious beauty trend, your winter wedding is the perfect excuse to splurge. Besides instantly giving you the lush, ultra-thick lashes you’ve always dreamed of, extensions help shield eyes from snow and tear-inducing winter winds.

6. Don’t fear shimmer. Too much glitter is never a good thing, but when applied sparingly, a frosty shadow can be a fantastic companion to subdued winter makeup. The key is to choose a color that complements your skin tone. Golds, corals and browns look great on warm tones, while cooler skin comes to life in silvers, blues, greens and lilacs.

7. Tame your blush. Winter isn’t the best time for rocking rosy hues or highly pigmented cheek creams. In the season’s otherworldly dimmer light, a subtle peach powder is your best bet for creating a natural, ethereal glow.

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