Skin Care Tips for More Fun in the Sun

Skin Care Tips for More Fun in the Sun ALS San AntonioWarmer weather means more opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors, but spending time outside does come with risks. The increased prevalence of skin cancer can be linked to a less diligent attitude toward summer skin care. It is essential for you to be smart about your skincare routine when you are headed out to enjoy the sunshine. Finding a way to protect your skin from UV rays without limiting the time you spend having fun in the sun is possible with these tips.


Use sunscreen every time you go outdoors. While a quick walk down the block may not seem like a big deal in terms of sun exposure, many cases of skin cancer can be linked to these brief exposures to UV rays.


Do not forget to apply sunscreen before you spend a day in the car. Millions of Americans will be driving to vacation destinations this summer, and most of them are not aware that their skin could be irreparably damaged by the rays that shine through their car windows.


Apply sunscreen about 15 minutes before heading out the door. If you are used to applying sunscreen after you leave your home, keep in mind that the protection is not immediate.


Take the time to reapply sunscreen when you are outdoors for more than two hours. Be sure to plan for short breaks to apply skin protection during your summer activities. Many people only apply sunscreen once each day, but the protection diminishes significantly after two hours.


Be sure to thoroughly wash off sunscreen and sweat at the end of a long day in the sun. Even if you are used to a morning shower, taking just a few minutes to rinse off the dirt, oil and sunscreen that are common during summer days can keep your skin from breaking out.


Wear light clothing to keep your skin protected when you are spending a lot of time outside this summer. While you may not want to put a long-sleeve shirt or pants on in hot weather, finding loose, light layers to pull on over a bathing suit or summer clothing can keep your skin better protected than sunscreen.


If you find yourself with a sunburn, stay inside until the burn has healed. Even if you are diligent about using sunscreen in the future, exposing your skin to UV rays when it is already damaged can have long-lasting and undesirable effects. Your skin is more susceptible to damage when it is already weakened by prior damage.


In order to stay protected during the summer, incorporate these simple skin care tips for a no risk way to get and stay outside. After all, summer only lasts so long.



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