Simply Sensational Summer Makeup Tips

Simply Sensational Summer Makeup Tips ALS san antonioSummer is a time for carefree fun. We want to be outside enjoying the warm weather, not stuck indoors putting on a fancy face. You can simplify your summer makeup routine without sacrificing beauty. Just remember that less is always more. Here are some tips for simple yet sensational makeup that will have you looking fabulous all summer long.


Sunblock Is A Girl’s Best Friend

No matter how much you love the sun, it can still do a number on your skin. For some reason, faces are especially vulnerable to sunburn and sun damage. The best prevention is strong protection. Find a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 50 and wear it on your face every day. Coppertone Ultra Guard SPF 50 is a non-greasy sunscreen that protects against UVA and UVB rays. It has the consistency of a moisturizer and can be worn by itself or under makeup. Smooth it on, let it dry, dust with loose powder, add a bit of blush and you’re good to go.

Splurge On Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions can make you look like you’re wearing eye makeup even when you’re not. They won’t come off in the water and they aren’t disturbed by perspiration. A complete set can last for a few months, long enough to get you through an active summer with lush, low-maintenance lashes. You can add some eyeliner, shadow and mascara for a jazzed up evening look, but the lash extensions alone will make your eyes pop. An added bonus is that because you won’t need eye makeup every day, you won’t have to wash it all off every night.

Make Mine Waterproof

Because summer and sweating go hand in hand, waterproof mascaras, eyeliners and shadows are the best way to ensure that your eye makeup stays where it should. Try using mascaras and liners in brown instead of black. They’ll accentuate your eyes without looking overly made up.

Use A Lip Pencil Instead Of A Lipstick

The best way to keep summer lip color in its place is with a lip pencil. Fill in your natural lip line with the pencil, add a swipe of clear or tinted lip gloss and it will stay put all day long. Pale lip liners are best for daytime, and if you want to add some oomph in the evening, choose a lip pencil in light red or a pale mauve.

The whole point of summer makeup is to make it look like you’re not wearing makeup. The trick is to use the lightest possible touch. When you get the look down right, you won’t look made up. You’ll just look naturally beautiful.


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