Prom Styles – Should I Let My Daughter Wear THIS to PROM?

Should you let your daughter wear this to prom?Deciding what to wear to prom – picking out dresses, makeup and hair should be a fun and exciting experience for moms and daughters.

Unfortunately, a lot of moms end up fighting with their daughters about whether the fashions they like are acceptable. We know that prom isn’t the same as it used to be. We love having moms that care about us and want to protect us, but we want to celebrate the new prom with you too. Here are three things you should know about what’s in and what’s acceptable for prom today.

We’re Proud of Our Bodies

Even though we live in a world that criticizes women’s bodies all the time, we’re proud of who we are, and we want to make a statement. Maybe your daughter is looking at two-piece prom dresses that show off her midriff or is in love with cut-out gowns. They might look a little unconventional, but these types of dresses are very popular. Of course, they don’t always meet school dress codes, so make sure you know the rules before you buy. We love our moms to step in and make sure we don’t get turned away at the door.

Makeup Isn’t Like it Used to Be

If you grew up in the ’80s or ’90s, you might not have even thought of having your makeup done by a professional for prom. It’s different for us teens today. Prom is practically a red carpet event, and we want to look as glamorous as we can. That means upgrading to semi-permanent eyelash extensions, flowing hair and professional makeup. Of course, we love when our moms head to the salon with us for pre-prom primping.

Formals Come in All Lengths Now

A floor-length gown might be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of prom, but this is one area where fashion has really changed. Shorter dresses are big for formal events. If your daughter is set on wearing a short prom dress, help her pick one that suits her body and style sense. Remember that she can always wear a slip or shorts underneath to keep it classy.

It’s changed over the years, but prom is still an important rite of passage. If you’re struggling to accept your daughter’s prom look, remember that supporting her now will help her develop a positive self-image. After all, we count on our moms to help us feel our best no matter where we’re going in life.

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