Nine Steps to Perfectly Clean Makeup Brushes

Nine Steps to Perfectly Clean Makeup Brushes ALS San AntonioIf you’ve invested in great quality makeup brushes, you’ll want to keep them at their best. After a few weeks of using your brushes, dust, natural oils from your skin, bacteria and makeup residue build up in the bristles. Cleaning your brushes regularly prevents them from transferring these contaminants onto your skin, which can help prevent clogged pores and pimples. It also keeps the bristles soft and pliable, for applying makeup smoothly.

Here are a few simple steps for getting clean, soft cosmetic brushes that perform perfectly every time.


Simple Steps to Clean Makeup Brushes


  1. 1.Start by running the brushes under warm running water to remove most of the old makeup trapped in the bristles. Angle the brushes downward while you rinse; this will prevent water from getting under the metal clasp and loosening the glue that holds the brush together. Avoid using hot water as this can damage a delicate brush.
  2. 2.Mix a teaspoon of shampoo or liquid dish detergent into one-fourth cup of warm water.
  3. 3.Swirl the bottom half of each brush in the soapy water carefully.
  4. 4.After removing the brush from the water, rub the bristles gently with your fingers to loosen up debris and oil.
  5. 5.Rinse the soap from the brush under warm water while continuing to massage the bristles.
  6. 6.Pat or gently squeeze the bristles with a clean, dry cloth to remove most of the water.
  7. 7.Use your fingers to spread the bristles apart and reshape them.
  8. 8.Lay your brushes on a dry towel, making sure that the bristles are not bent.
  9. 9.In a few hours, when brushes are completely dry, fluff the bristles, and replace them in your makeup kit.



More Tips for Perfect Cosmetic Brushes


Besides regular cleaning, here are a few more ways to keep your brushes in top condition.


  • After you clean your brushes, rub a small amount of coconut oil into the bristles, and leave it for one minute. Rinse the brush and dry it as usual. The oil will condition and soften the brush.
  • Bar soap can also be used to clean your brushes. Massage a moistened brush against a bar to work the soap deep into bristles. If you use bar soap, be sure to condition your brushes afterwards.
  • Purchase a daily brush cleaner spray and use it after each makeup application.
  • If shampoo or dish detergent isn’t getting caked-on makeup out of your brushes, try olive oil. Follow with a soap or shampoo cleansing to remove the oil.


Keeping makeup brushes clean doesn’t have to be tough, just follow these simple steps and keep your brushes fresh and clean and free from the contaminants that can wreak havoc on our skin.


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