Makeup Tips for Moms Wearing Glasses

Makeup Tips for Moms Wearing GlassesSince frames can be cumbersome, many people shy away from wearing glasses. However, when you are a busy mom, you may not have the time to clean and insert contacts. If you learn how to properly apply your makeup so that your eyes stand out and complement your glasses, you will be quickly on your way every morning. By following a few tips, you can finally embrace your frames.

Eyeliner Matters
Colorful frames are stylish and bring a pop of color to your face. Choosing a similar color for your eyeliner will make your eyes look amazing. Even if your have plain black frames, you should try to coordinate your eyeliner. Select a product that is a few shades lighter and apply it in the same thickness as your frames. If you have wide frames, make sure to go thick on the eyeliner. This will help your eyes get noticed. When using colored liner, it should be kept tight to the lashes.

Pay Attention to Your Nose
Glasses tend to leave behind tiny red marks on the nose. To avoid these blemishes, you should apply some foundation to the bridge of your nose. If you remove your glasses at any point, you will have a flawless complexion.

Less Eyeshadow is Best
Applying a neutral and light shadow to your lids will keep your eyes from looking tired. Today, shimmering colors are trending. They flatter all eye colors and will bring a touch of sparkle to the face without appearing garish through glasses.

Conceal Your Circles
Glasses tend to make the dark circles under your eyes appear worse. It is smart to use a concealer so that you look fresh and rejuvenated.

Eyebrow Maintenance
Many women are so focused on their eyelids that they forget that it is key to properly maintain their eyebrows. They are the natural frames of the eyes. The shape of your brows must complement your glasses. If you have thin metal frames, you should consider building up your brows to bring attention to your eyes. If you have large and bold frames, try toning down your brows with a thin shape.

Lash Extensions
When women wear glasses, they tend to shy away from mascara. The lenses sometimes hit the lashes and cause a smudged mess. Also, as the day wears on, mascara becomes brittle and flakes onto the lenses. To avoid these problems, it is smart to consider eyelash extensions. Busy moms will appreciate the fact that they will be able to wake with beautiful sets of eyes that require little extra makeup. Women’s lashes will appear long, lush, and curly. In this manner, extensions are the best accessories for glasses. They appear totally natural, which means that if you choose to have a set applied, everyone will wonder what you did to look so great.

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