Looking Your Best in Fab Fitness Wear

Looking Your Best in Fab Fitness Wear ALS San AntonioWorking out helps you feel healthy and look great, but it’s probably not the most glamorous part of your day. There’s no real need to apply makeup before you head out to work out, but you can give your confidence and motivation a boost by looking your best no matter where you exercise. You can focus on your workout gear as you put together your workout look but shouldn’t neglect everything else. Get inspired by these simple, no-fuss tips for fab fitness looks.


Choose workout clothes that are right for your body.

The right workout clothes will provide you with the flexibility and support that you need while exercising, but they should also make your body look good. It’s important to shop according to your body shape.


If your body is rectangular, try clothes in contrasting colors and opt for a ruched top that will help create the illusion of curves. If you’re apple shaped, try loose-fitting tops and neatly tailored capris. Women with hourglass shapes should opt for scoop- or v-neck tops with tailored tops that will show off their waists. Both rectangular and hourglass shapes look great in running skorts instead of shorts too.


Pear-shaped women can choose slim-fitting tops and bottoms that include built-in skirts or belts that help minimize their hips. Tall women of all shapes may benefit from shopping for specially tailored fitness wear. After all, no one looks good in high-water yoga pants or just-too-short tees.


Use a brightening cleanser.

A brightening cleanser is an easy addition to your pre-workout routine that can really help you get your glow on. Washing your face with one of these cleansers before you workout will give you a rested, refreshed look. Brightening cleansers can make you look more energetic, and looking more energetic can help you feel more energetic.


Eliminate the need for make up with eyelash extensions.

If you want to forego makeup when you hit the gym, consider getting eyelash extensions. Extensions offer a look that’s better than mascara with none of the mess. You don’t have to worry about dark smudges or eye irritation when you really get into your workout and sweat.


Master a stylish updo.

You probably don’t want to wear your hair down at the gym, but you don’t always have to sport a ponytail. Try a bun or twist. If you want to go with a ponytail, dress it up with a gym-friendly accessory or style your bangs to add a little something different.

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