Look your best when you’re feeling your worst

Look your best when you're feeling your worst ALS san antonioWe’ve all had days when we need to look our best even though we’re not feeling our best. Whether it’s a head cold, aching muscles, a killer flu, a migraine or a broken heart, life won’t stop just for you. Here are six tips to perk you up on those days when life feels like a chore.

 Take A Hot Shower And Wash Your Hair

 A hot shower may be the last thing you want, but unless you’re on your deathbed, the warm water will revive your spirit and strengthen your soul — at least for a while. Clean hair, a scrubbed body and a fresh outfit are often just enough to get you through whatever you have to do.

 Go Down For A Catnap

 If you have to go out later in the day or in the evening, take a 30 minute power nap shortly before leaving home. Even if you don’t sleep, lying down, closing your eyes and just letting yourself float for awhile can nurture the part of you that’s hurting and give you a second wind for the evening ahead.

 Take A Minimalist Approach To Hair, Makeup and Outfit

Choose an outfit that makes you feel good. This is not the time to put together a whole new look. The same goes for hair. Keep it simple and stick to what you know works best. Minimize your makeup; use just enough mascara, eyeshadow, lip color and blush to give your face some oomph, and let it go at that.

 Fake It ‘Til You Make It

 While you’re out and about, try not to think about how you’re feeling. Pretend that you feel good, or at least temporarily let go of feeling bad. Smile at everyone, and when co-workers and acquaintances ask you how you are, tell them you feel fabulous. This is not a lie. It’s an affirmation of a healthy body, mind, heart and spirit. When you get home, chances are that you will feel at least a little bit better than you did before you left.

 Treat Your Allergies

 Allergies can really mess with how we look. A runny nose, watery eyes, blotchy skin and nonstop sneezing can convince you that you should have stayed in bed. Fortunately, there are a variety of over-the-counter antihistamine medications that can keep these symptoms in check.

 Get A Massage

Never underestimate the many benefits of a therapeutic massage. Stress has a big impact on how we look and feel. A soothing full-body massage can bring on a state of relaxation that helps us to look peaceful and refreshed.

No one wants to look bad, but there are times when, no matter what you do, you just won’t look your best. The only solution is to make the best of it and remind yourself that “this too shall pass.”

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