“Look fabulous on your date”As you prepare for your first date, it is normal to feel jittery. You want to find the perfect outfit and makeup to make a good first impression. While you want to just be yourself, you need to show off your best qualities. The makeup that you wear on your date can boost your positive attributes and minimize the features that you are less fond of.

Your entire goal is to pick an outfit and style that allow you to be comfortable. No matter where you are going, your makeup can help you polish off your look effortlessly. After you have spent countless hours searching for the right outfit, it is time to put your best face forward. Use these tips to ensure that you look your best for that important date.


Your eyelashes can be extremely seductive. They draw attention to your eyes, and long lashes are a sign of youthfulness. If you want to make an impression and connect with your date, you will need to make eye contact. While your date is staring deep into your eyes, make sure that your eyelashes draw their attention and look great. Eyelash Extensions are great for date night makeup because they instantly make your lashes longer and thicker.

You could try using additional mascara, but even the best mascaras will create clumpy lashes. Even worse, mascara can pull out some of the fine eyelashes and stifle growth. Strip lashes are an alternative, but they have a tendency to start peeling at the corners. With Eyelash Extension, you can get the large, luscious eyelashes that you want without all of the fuss. Extensions give your eyes the lashes you want without the awkwardness or weight of other lash-boosting options.


If you are meeting your date for a brunch or luncheon, soft pink will help to spice up your look. You never want to go overboard during daytime dates, so stick with a soft pink lipstick and matching blush. To make your cheeks look prettily flushed, use a rosy cream blush on your cheeks and lips. Keep adding the blush a bit at the time until you reach the exact color that you want. To top it off, add some lip balm to the top of your lips for an appealing gleam.


During evening dates, you can handle darker blushes. The dim lighting and nighttime sky mean that you can really play up your cheeks and eyes. Use loose, shimmery powder across your eyelids and the inner corner of your eye. Apply a jet-black liner to emphasize your lash line. If you are using mascara, add two coats to darken your lashes. To avoid the clumping of mascara, you can always try using the Eyelash Extension lashes to boost the thickness and length of your lashes.


Old world style is back in vogue, so try out a retro upstyle for a unique look. If you want a simpler look, use a volumizing spray on wet hair to give it more bounce. A half-up, half-down style from the 1940s would also be a gorgeous way to top off the perfect look.

If you need help perfecting your look, we are here to help. Call us at the Amazing Lash studio today to find out how you can look glamorous on your next date.

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