How to Get the Best Smoky Eye Around

How to Get the Best Smoky Eye Around ALS San AntonioThe smoky eye is an iconic look that almost every celebrity has sported. It’s a makeup standard that can make you feel glamorous and alluring. Of course, it’s also a flexible style. If you’ve always wanted to pull off the perfect smoky eye, we’ve got you covered. These five easy steps will get you a smoky eye in a classic color palette, but you can easily switch it up with a new color palette.


1. Create a base. Use a round, medium-sized brush to apply a charcoal pigment or eyeshadow just above the crease of your eyelid. Make an arch, then use your brush to blend the makeup down and towards your lash line. It’s best to use a light hand. Remember that you can always add color and depth, but you can’t easily take away makeup if you use too much. If you do make a mistake, dab a little bit of concealer onto a cotton swab or q-tip and skim it over the eyeshadow that you want to remove.


2. Incorporate eyeliner. Lightly trace your upper lash line with a soft black eye pencil. Soften further by smudging with your fingertip. Use a light hand here too. If the results aren’t dark enough the first time, give your lash line another pass with the pencil. If you want to create a spin on the classic smoky eye, this is a great place to start. Choose a brighter liner color to make the look more contemporary.


3. Add contrast. For this step, you’ll want to choose a firm-bristled brush that allows for precise application. Use a complementary gray such as a gunmetal right along the lash line, over the area that you just smudged with eyeliner. For a clean look, dab your brush into the shadow and then press it against your lash line instead of making a sweeping motion.


4. Set it off. Apply a pale silver or pink to the inner corner of your eye. This helps to lighten the smoky eye and has the added benefit of making you look less fatigued. If you change the color palette, it’s a good idea to stick with a light accent shade for this step.


5. Accentuate your lashes. Your smoky eye will really pop once you get your eyelashes in order. Choose a bold, sultry mascara in black or dark brown. If you love lashes but hate the hassle of mascara, eyelash extensions are a great option that look completely amazing!


Although the smokey eye looks like it can be complicated, following a few simple steps can have you with a look you will love!

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