Five Quick and Easy Beauty Tips for the On-the-Go Mom

Five Quick and Easy Beauty Tips for the On-the-Go Mom ALS San AntonioLet’s face it: Being a mom is hard work. Between taking care of the kids and the house, helping with homework and whipping up healthy family meals, it’s a wonder how we ever find the time to hold a steady job or have a romantic dinner with our significant other. Thankfully, being busy doesn’t mean that we can’t look amazing. When you’re short on time, the easy beauty shortcuts below will have you looking gorgeous in just a few minutes.


1. Exfoliate your skin. Yes, exfoliating is an extra step that you’ll need to add to your cleansing routine once or twice a week, but hear us out. Exfoliators instantly sweep away dead skin cells and dirt, leaving behind a naturally luminous complexion that makes makeup application a breeze. With skin this healthy, a dab of sheer foundation is all you need to pull off a flawless complexion.


2. Keep makeup natural. Seen all over the fashion runways, barely there makeup is so easy, flattering and ageless that you’d think it was custom tailored for the hectic lifestyles of on-the-go moms. For a fresh finish, use a foundation brush to buff a small amount of tinted moisturizer over primed skin. Since the goal is to look effortlessly beautiful – and do it fast – keep your eye makeup neutral and go easy on the blush. Peachy tones work best for creating a warm, natural-looking flush.


3. Go bold with a bright lip. While natural is the way to go during the day, there are times when we want to amp it up for a special event or a night out on the town. In one easy swipe, a bright lip color can take any makeup from understated to look-at-me glamorous.


4. Invest in eyelash extensions. What if we told you that instead of wasting precious seconds on applying smudge-prone eye makeup first thing in the morning, you can just get up and go? Folded into your natural lash line for fuller, longer lashes, semi-permanent eyelash extensions finally make it possible to wake up to picture-perfect eyes – no mascara necessary.


5. Throw your hair in a twisted scarf. Feminine and romantic, the classic head scarf used to be the favorite go-to accessory of big-screen starlets, and the look is making a comeback as a simpler, gypsy-inspired bandanna. It’s the perfect hair pick-me-up for those busy days when shampooing and conditioning aren’t in the cards.


As a mom, you know how hard it can be to get yourself together and get out of the house. These simple beauty tips will help.

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