Five Excellent Reasons to Choose Eyelash Extensions Over False Eyelashes

Five Excellent Reasons to Choose Eyelash Extensions Over False EyelashesIt’s only natural to always want to look your best, and a big part of capturing that perfect impression depends on how well you highlight your eyes. The proper application of eye makeup can work to define and enhance your look, and the addition of beautiful, long eyelashes has always been a vital part of ensuring a stunning appearance. Many people have used either false eyelashes or lash extensions to create a better look, but there are some very big differences in these two products. Here at our Amazing Lash Studio in San Antonio, Texas, we’ve put together a few facts to help you understand why our lash extensions are so much better than false eyelashes.

1. A More Natural Appearance

False eyelashes come in a stiff, unmovable strip, and it’s obvious that they are fake. When you choose our lash extensions, you’ll get a customized fit and lashes that look completely natural. We’ll apply each lash individually so that you’ll come away with eyelashes that look full and fabulous.

2. Long-Lasting and Durable

You may end up with the entire strip of false eyelashes hanging off of your eye or even landing on your cheek, but you won’t have to worry about that with our lash extensions. Because each lash is applied individually, there’s no danger of losing them all at once. The lash extensions will naturally shed over time just like your natural lashes, and filler can be done at any time.

3. Feather-Light Feel

Our lash extensions are made from high-quality materials that weigh no more than your natural lashes so that you won’t feel like your eyes are being weighed down. False eyelashes tend to be much heavier, and that can interfere with the natural movement of your eyes.

4. Stay Active Without Worry

Those who wear false eyelashes are likely to lose them if they sweat or get them wet in any way. However, if you choose our lash extensions, which are waterproof, then you’ll find that you may enjoy exercising, swimming and showering without fear of eyelash loss.

5.More Beauty in Less Time

We’ll need about two hours of your time to professionally apply your new lash extensions, and you’ll be able to sit back and relax while it’s done. After that, you’re good to go for several months, and you’ll wake up each morning with amazing eyelashes and very little need for any additional eye makeup. If you decide to go with false eyelashes, then you’ll need at least 10 minutes each morning to get those on and sticking properly.

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