Fabulous Fall Fashion Tips For Working Women

Fabulous Fall Fashion Tips For Working Women Amazing Lash Studio San Antonio
Fall is right around the corner. That means jazzing up your professional look for the cooler season ahead. It can be challenging to integrate your unique personal style into a look that’s also great at work. The good news for working women is that it can be done. Here are eight ways to be fabulously fashionable at work while still maintaining a professional demeanor.

1.  The Mystique Of High Heels

Not everyone can wear high heels, but if you’re one of the lucky ones, flaunt it. There’s something about high heels that adds up to sophistication and professionalism. Of course, the shoes should be in good taste and appropriate for your job, but if you want to turn a semi-casual look into a classy look, high heels will almost always do the trick.

2.  The Power Of Black And White

The runway looks for fall this year included a number of black and white ensembles that, even in their simplicity, managed to look ultra-classy. Slim black pants, a loose and gauzy white top and a long black cardigan are all it takes this season to look sophisticated and fresh.

3.  Best Fall Beauty Secret: Eyelash Extensions

More and more working women are discovering the magic of eyelash extensions. First off, they look amazing. Secondly, they can totally eliminate the need for eye makeup. Some women find that if they try to use eye makeup with lash extensions, it’s just too much. When you cut eye makeup out of your morning beauty routine, you’ll have more time to assemble the perfect outfit. Lash extensions can last for up to eight weeks, and they are ridiculously easy to maintain.

4.  The Allure Of A Jacket Or Long Cardigan

A jacket or a long, slim minimalist cardigan will give any outfit a finished look whether you’re wearing a dress, pants or a skirt. Fashion-forward jackets and cardigans can also breathe new life into last season’s outfits.

5.  Wear Form Fitting Pants

If you opt to wear pants, they should at least be form-fitting for a clean look. If you feel self-conscious about your backside, top off your look with a long cardigan.

6.  Carry A Large Bag

Small bags just don’t cut it anymore. Instead find a seriously stylish bag that will go with almost everything. You’ll have room for a couple of water bottles, a tablet, a cosmetics bag, a large wallet, snacks and almost anything else you’ll need for the day.

7.  Invest In Great Haircuts

Nothing can look more unprofessional than wild and unruly hair. The best cuts for work are simple, classic and carefree. You want something you can wash and blow-dry quickly, and with minimal fuss. If you’re going to do color, go for low-key, shiny and healthy-looking.

8.  Keep Your Jewelry Tasteful

Although some women like to pile on the bling, it isn’t the best look for work. Too much bling can distract the people you are trying to communicate with. The best way to wear jewelry at work is to keep it chic and minimalist. Diamond stud earrings, a sleek silver bracelet or an understated gold or silver necklace will make you look elegant but won’t distract your clients and coworkers.

It can definitely be a challenge for working women to update their fall wardrobe, but it’s totally worth the effort. Just a few key pieces, a more sophisticated haircut, and some beautiful but understated jewelry can take your corporate look to a whole new level.

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