Eye Makeup Tips for Interviews

Eye Makeup Tips for InterviewsIn the professional world, first impressions make a difference. This is especially true during job interviews. Not only are recruiters assessing your job skills, but they are also sizing up your appearance. A few extra makeup steps will help you look your best. By implementing these steps, you may even improve your chances of landing your dream position.

Become the Job Candidate that People Want

During a job interview, it’s important to convey that you’re competent, deft and meticulous. You can communicate these qualities to others through your appearance. Keep in mind that when you feel confident about the way that you look, you’ll be more likely to focus on presenting your job proficiencies and work abilities.

The Importance of Eye Shadow

For job interviews, embrace a simple and natural look for your eyes. You’ll want the recruiter to focus on your words instead of your shimmery eyeshadow. Use soft, neutral colors that subtly highlight your eye color. To create a look that’s both simple and professional, use three complementary colors. Select a base shade that matches your natural skin tone like champagne, bone or toast. Sweep the base shade across your entire eyelid. Then, add a medium tone such as soft brown, light grey or taupe to your crease. You’ll need a darker shade like charcoal, navy or chocolate brown for the outer crease of your eye.

Adding Eyeliner

Eyeliner frames the eyes and makes them stand out, but for interviews, be sure to use it judiciously. For a professional look, select a classically hued eyeliner like dark brown or charcoal. Apply it to your upper and lower eyelashes. Then, smudge it with a brush to soften the look. Use a pencil eyeliner instead of a liquid one because the liquid style tends to give people a harsher look. Liquid eyeliner may also seem unprofessional.

Mascara Application Tips

When it comes to makeup, mascara provides the finishing touch. However, the product is inclined to smudge underneath your eyes, which looks sloppy. With mascara, a few extra steps will give you an interview worthy appearance. For professional situations, wear black mascara. Also, use a lash comb or a spoolie brush to remove mascara clumps from your lashes.

To stay smudge-free on the day of your interview, start the mascara application process by removing any excess from the wand. You can do this with a tissue or by sliding the wand across the top of the mascara tube. Begin applying the makeup product by wiggling the wand gently over the base of your lashes. After you’ve coated this section, shift the wand upward. Let your top lashes dry fully before adding mascara to your lower ones. Consider avoiding this time consuming task altogether by getting professional eyelash extensions.

Saving Time and Looking Better

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