Eight Tips to Help You Make the Most of Your Eyelash Extensions

Eight Tips to Help You Make the Most of Your Eyelash Extensions ALS San AntonioOne of the most exciting trends in today’s beauty industry, eyelash extensions deliver flawless, thick lashes that look and feel completely real. If they’re already on your to-do list, be prepared to fall in love. Once you catch a glimpse of your new eyelashes, chances are you’ll want to keep them forever. While that’s not an option just yet, following these easy tips is a sure way to get the most out of every application:

 1. Schedule your appointment with an experienced technician. Besides using top-of-the-line materials, stylists who work with eyelash extensions on a daily basis know exactly where to place each lash to reduce the risk of shedding.


2. Come with a clean face. Eye makeup can slow down the application process and make it tougher for the glue to stick to the lash line.


3. Choose a lighter base. Synthetics are ideal for lashes that make a bold statement on a budget, but they can be a little heavy on the lid, which puts extra pressure on the adhesive. While they cost more upfront, mink and silk extensions will be the best bang for your buck if a longer lifespan is a priority.


4. Say no to steam and sweat until your lashes set. Extensions are the most vulnerable to fallout in the first 24 hours after application. To give the adhesive plenty of time to work its magic, plan to take it easy for at least a day after your appointment.


5. Try to sleep on your back. Rubbing your face against your pillow for hours every night can eventually weaken your extensions. If sleeping on your side is the only way you can get comfortable, minimize the damage by switching to a pillow that keeps your head elevated.


6. Treat your new eyelashes with extra care. Playing with them may be hard to resist, but it helps to know that using a hands-off approach can keep them around longer.


7. Switch to oil-free products. With eyelashes that look this good bare, eye makeup is totally optional, but if you want to keep wearing yours, avoid oil-based formulas. They can wear away the adhesive and cause premature shedding.


8. Commit to touch-ups. There’s no getting around the fact that just like your natural lashes, eyelash extensions will eventually fall out. If you love the way they make you look but aren’t thrilled with paying for full applications, keep your extensions looking as good as new with touch-ups every three to four weeks.


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