Eight Hot Beauty Tips for Fall Weather

Eight Hot Beauty Tips for Fall WeatherThe hot afternoons of summer are behind us now, and you know what that means — no more melted mascara and smeared liners! When the weather begins to cool, the neutral, airy makeup tones of summer give way to the deep, dramatic colors of fall. This is the ideal time for warm colors, glamorous eyes and bold lips.

Your makeup palette isn’t the only aspect of your beauty routine that needs some shaking up, either. Put away the thin clothing of summer and get ready to dig out your favorite sweaters and chunky boots! Are you ready to look great for the fall season? We’ve got eight fall beauty tips that you’re going to love.

Care for Your Lips

When caring for your lips this fall, leave the petroleum products in the medicine cabinet where they belong. Instead, reach for lip balms with natural oils and butters. Moisturize your lips more than once each day because dry weather can make it difficult to maintain the luscious lips that you love.

Protect Your Face

Clouds may obscure the sun’s full brightness during fall, but ultraviolet radiation is no less damaging to the skin. Although you may no longer need to wear sunscreen on your entire body, you should still protect your face. Use a rich moisturizer to protect your face from wind and dry weather — and make sure that your daytime lotion blocks at least a little UV radiation.

Moisturize From Within

You may not feel symptoms of dehydration as often when the weather becomes cooler, but that doesn’t mean your body needs less water. In fact, dry weather can strip away your skin’s surface moisture and create a dull, cracked appearance. Drink plenty of water every day.

Pamper Your Hands

Like your face, your hands probably remain exposed most of the time during fall. That means they’re bearing the brunt of the dry, cool weather. We recommend using a hand lotion filled with great natural moisturizers such as olive oil, jojoba oil and marshmallow root.

Keep Your Hair Healthy

Fall is the perfect time to try a new hair color. Since the sun’s rays aren’t quite as abusive during the fall as they are in summer, hair color lasts longer and requires less touch-ups. Also, don’t forget to have a dandruff shampoo handy during the cold weather months. Flakes can begin to form on the scalp during times of decreased humidity.

Shield Your Eyes

Don’t put your sunglasses away when summer ends. Instead, get a pair that complements your new fall color scheme. The sun doesn’t take a break when summer ends, and UV radiation can still cause retinal damage during the cooler months.

Update Your Color Palette

If you haven’t decided which makeup colors to buy for fall, look to nature for inspiration. Don’t be nervous about wearing heavier eye makeup or full-coverage foundation. Some of the ideal makeup colors for fall include mauve, copper, espresso, purple, green and gold.

Get Eyelash Extensions

We highly recommend wearing bold and dramatic eye colors during fall. If you really want those bold colors to stand out, though, get eyelash extensions to complete the look. Long, luxurious lashes are all the rage on the runways this fall, and maintaining eyelash extensions is easiest when the weather is cool. Are you ready to get the dramatic, sexy fall look you’ve dreamed of? Call Amazing Lash Studio San Antonio today to book an appointment!

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