Easy Makeup Tips to Make Your Eyes Pop

Easy Makeup Tips to Make Your Eyes Pop ALS SanAntonioGetting big, beautiful eyes doesn’t have to take a lot of time or the help of professional makeup artists. While a trip to the salon is still worth an occasional splurge, some of the best runway trends can be easily recreated in your own bathroom mirror. Whether you’ve been wearing makeup for years or are a complete beginner, you can get the eyes you want in minutes with these simple do-it-yourself tips:

Don’t Skip the Basics
No matter what style you’re going for, great eye makeup always starts with a flawless base. Before you begin, throw on a coat of mascara and a dab of shadow primer – but don’t reach for that foundation just yet. Some shadows create fallout during the application, ruining your foundation and forcing you to start your face makeup from scratch. You may also want to color in your eyebrows. Paired with mascara, eyebrow makeup helps create a more defined eye, giving you the dramatic look you’re going for.

Watch Your Liner
Eyeliner is the key to opening up your eyes, but when used incorrectly, it can backfire. For look-at-me-eyes, you want to stop your line just before you get to the inner corner of your eye. When they’re lined all around, your eyes can actually end up looking smaller and deeper set. If you aren’t color shy, try using a blue liner on your upper lid and a brown shade on the lower to make the whites of your eyes look bigger and brighter.

Say Yes to Shimmer
Shimmer is big this season, and it’s the perfect tool for creating the illusion of striking, wide-open eyes. The key to making it work at any age and for any occasion is to layer shades that flatter your eye color. Warm, earthy colors – think apricot, light bronze and honey hues – make cool blues stand out, while brown eyes come alive in navy blues, emerald greens and plum purples. If your eyes are mixed, check the color wheel to find the perfect match.

Put on the Finishing Touches
Under-eye circles can take attention away from your beautiful eyes, so if you skimped on sleep the night before, grab a tube of concealer. Pick a shade that’s just a touch lighter and warmer than your natural skin tone to neutralize the dark color. For an extra dose of shine, blend a small amount of shimmer-based illuminator or white shadow along the brow bone – and you’re done!

It doesn’t have to take a lot of time and effort to have big beautiful eyes. These easy makeup tips will have you looking your very best!

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