Day-to-Night Holiday Makeup Tips for Working Women

Day-to-Night Holiday Makeup Tips for Working Women Amazing Lash Studio San AntonioLooking glamorous for holiday parties and events can be a challenge for a working woman. You may find that you need to go straight from the office to an after-hours celebration with little or no time to change your clothes or freshen your makeup. The following simple tips can help you transition quickly and seamlessly from sophisticated professional to vivacious glamour queen.

Eight Glamour Hacks for the Working Woman

1. Get eyelash extensions. Professionally applied, semi-permanent eyelash extensions allow you to maintain long, thick, luxurious lashes 24 hours a day. Lash extensions look natural, so they won’t interfere with your daytime look, and they make your eyes a sensual focal point at night.

2. To save time, wear your smokey eye look to work. Apply the style conservatively using a neutral brown color. It won’t look inappropriate for work, but it will give you the drama you need for the evening.

3. Keep your eye shadow in place all day by using eye shadow primer. You’ll have less touch-up work to do after work.

4. Bring your sparkle with you. Evening looks aren’t complete without a touch of shimmer. Choose highlighter products that will work well with your daytime makeup shades. Simply wait until evening to apply them, and enjoy an instant transformation. Be careful not to go overboard with luminescence. Choose one feature to highlight to avoid looking like you fell into a vat of fairy dust.

5. Find an office-to-evening lip shade. Power colors like deep reds work in both professional and after-hours environments. Choose a lip stain for longer wear, and add extra gloss when you leave the office.

6. Don’t match your makeup to your clothing, especially if you’re going to slip into an evening dress after work. Keep the look low-drama and neutral, so it will work with both outfits. You can always spice up your daytime look with lip gloss, shimmery highlighter a change of jewelry on the way to the party.

7. Stay out of the powder room. Maintaining your makeup throughout the day and evening is important, so don’t ruin it by repeatedly applying powder to eliminate shine. Your face will eventually start to look caked and mask-like. Use oil-blotting papers instead.

8. Glam up bare legs for a dramatic finishing touch. Applying a shimmery moisturizer only takes a few seconds, and it can make bare skin look polished and seductive.

Going from the office to the party doesn’t have to be complicated or take a lot of time. Try some of these easy tips for a seamless transition.

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