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Makeup Tips for Moms Wearing Glasses
Since frames can be cumbersome, many people shy away from wearing glasses. However, when you are a busy mom, you may not have the time to clean and insert contacts. If you learn how to properly apply your makeup so that your eyes stand out and complement your glasses, you will be quickly on your […]
Eye Makeup Tips for Interviews In the professional world, first impressions make a difference. This is especially true during job interviews. Not only are recruiters assessing your job skills, but they are also sizing up your appearance. A few extra makeup steps will help you look your best. By implementing these steps, you may even […]
As you prepare for your first date, it is normal to feel jittery. You want to find the perfect outfit and makeup to make a good first impression. While you want to just be yourself, you need to show off your best qualities. The makeup that you wear on your date can boost your positive attributes and […]
Glamorous Holiday Hair and Makeup Tips
The festive holiday season creates the perfect atmosphere to make a few daring style choices. Carve out some time between gift-wrapping marathons and family celebrations to try out a chic hairstyle or get those eyelash extensions you’ve been wanting. These smart beauty tips are your shortcut to a gorgeous yet practical holiday look. 1. Messy-Chic Updos When […]
Winter Wedding Makeup Tips
Seven tips to help you to look amazing on your big day Nothing is more beautiful than a white wedding set in a winter wonderland, but planning your big day during the coldest season of the year has one small drawback. With harsh winds and icy temperatures wreaking havoc on your skin, your pre-wedding beauty […]