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Quick Vacation Makeup Ideas It would be lovely to have 30 minutes to spend perfecting your sun-kissed glow, wouldn’t it? However, when you’re in a rush to catch your flight, you need makeup done fast. This list by Amazing Lash Studio San Antonio features six quick looks that will leave you looking luminous and sultry […]
Eye Makeup Tips for Interviews In the professional world, first impressions make a difference. This is especially true during job interviews. Not only are recruiters assessing your job skills, but they are also sizing up your appearance. A few extra makeup steps will help you look your best. By implementing these steps, you may even […]
10 reasons to Love Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions
A glance around the newsstand explains the popularity of semi-permanent eyelash extensions. Photos of glamorous models and celebrities with lush, sweeping lashes are splashed all over beauty, fashion and pop culture magazine covers. We’ve all figured out by now that it’s hard to get that super-glam look from mascara alone, so what’s their secret? Semi-permanent […]
Seven Quick Tips For Gorgeous Eyes by
Amazing Lash San Antonio
Between work, kids and social engagements, our lives can get pretty hectic. This is especially true around the holidays, when packed social schedules can interrupt your regular routine. While you’re zooming around taking care of everything, though, you still want to look your best. Here are some quick tips for busy moms to have gorgeous […]
Get Your New Look With Mink Eyelash Extensions
When you think of mink, the image that pops into your head is probably of a soft fur coat or stole. There’s a new use for mink though, and it’s swiftly gaining in popularity: mink eyelash extensions. Although mink lashes are pricey, they’re well worth splurging on. Celebrities and working professionals alike enjoy the durability […]