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Makeup Tips for Moms Wearing Glasses
Since frames can be cumbersome, many people shy away from wearing glasses. However, when you are a busy mom, you may not have the time to clean and insert contacts. If you learn how to properly apply your makeup so that your eyes stand out and complement your glasses, you will be quickly on your […]
Eight Hot Beauty Tips for Fall Weather
The hot afternoons of summer are behind us now, and you know what that means — no more melted mascara and smeared liners! When the weather begins to cool, the neutral, airy makeup tones of summer give way to the deep, dramatic colors of fall. This is the ideal time for warm colors, glamorous eyes […]
Makeup Tips for Younger looking Eyes
Although aging is a natural process that everyone will experience, getting older does not need to prevent you from looking beautiful. Looking great at any age requires you to understand the way the aging process impacts your body. The most noticeable changes take place near your face, so the first step in maintaining your youthful […]
Quick Vacation Makeup Ideas It would be lovely to have 30 minutes to spend perfecting your sun-kissed glow, wouldn’t it? However, when you’re in a rush to catch your flight, you need makeup done fast. This list by Amazing Lash Studio San Antonio features six quick looks that will leave you looking luminous and sultry […]
Eye Makeup Tips for Interviews In the professional world, first impressions make a difference. This is especially true during job interviews. Not only are recruiters assessing your job skills, but they are also sizing up your appearance. A few extra makeup steps will help you look your best. By implementing these steps, you may even […]