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Eye Makeup for New Years Eve
You don’t have to be a pro to create a look that gets you noticed. Prepare to ring in 2017 with our eye makeup tips for every style. Get Instagram-ready for any occasion with these easy-to-use instructions for a New Year’s Eve eye that’s just right for you. Classic Eyes This is a go-to application […]
Makeup Tips for Moms Wearing Glasses
Since frames can be cumbersome, many people shy away from wearing glasses. However, when you are a busy mom, you may not have the time to clean and insert contacts. If you learn how to properly apply your makeup so that your eyes stand out and complement your glasses, you will be quickly on your […]
4 Ways to Care for Lash Extensions
Eyelash extensions are great for enhancing your natural beauty, so here are 4 ways to care for lash extensions to keep them at its best shape! Once you have experienced the amazing look of your new eyelashes, you will certainly want them to last as long as possible. Learning how to take care of eyelash extensions properly […]
Five Excellent Reasons to Choose Eyelash Extensions
Over False Eyelashes
It’s only natural to always want to look your best, and a big part of capturing that perfect impression depends on how well you highlight your eyes. The proper application of eye makeup can work to define and enhance your look, and the addition of beautiful, long eyelashes has always been a vital part of […]
Makeup Tips for Younger looking Eyes
Although aging is a natural process that everyone will experience, getting older does not need to prevent you from looking beautiful. Looking great at any age requires you to understand the way the aging process impacts your body. The most noticeable changes take place near your face, so the first step in maintaining your youthful […]