Best Eyelash Extensions in San Antonio

Best Eyelash Extensions in San Antonio -- How to Make it LastNow that you have the best eyelash extensions in San Antonio — how to make it last is at the top of your list! Long, thick eyelashes that appear natural create a beautiful appearance and are the envy of all who see them. And we all want to know how to get long eyelashes. For those who want to make their eyes more attractive, lash extensions are an excellent solution. Perhaps you are considering this beauty procedure and want to learn more about it before you invest money and time. When you know what to expect and how to proceed, you likely will be extremely pleased with the results.

Engage the services of someone who has both experience and professional training in the art of affixing eyelash extensions. This is not something that you can do well yourself. The work requires meticulous attention to detail. Each extension is dipped in a special glue before the technician attaches it to a lone eyelash. A tiny part of the original lash between the upper eyelid and the start of the extension must remain completely free of glue. Done correctly, there is no irritation of either the eyelid or the eye from this process. Performed incorrectly, the glue and the eyelash extension may require immediate removal.

Before you go to get your extensions, remove all eye makeup. Cleanse your eyelids and lashes with water and baby shampoo. Rinse thoroughly with water. Although it is likely that your lashes will be cleansed again at the salon, the extra time you take to prepare them helps ensure that the glue will properly adhere.
The eyelash expert, often called a technician will help you select the right extensions for the look you prefer. He or she will consider the length and strength of your natural lashes to determine which extensions will work. One reason that eyelash extensions fall out prematurely is that the extensions are too heavy for the natural lashes to support them. Heavy extensions also may cause eyelid irritation from the force exerted by the extra weight that pulls at the roots of the natural lashes to which they are attached.

The entire time that the extensions are being added, you will rest comfortably with your eyes closed. It is advisable not to drink coffee or other caffeinated drinks within two hours of your appointment. Trips to the bathroom interrupt the flow of the procedure and can create problems with the glue. Also, caffeine sometimes causes minute tremors or fluttering of the upper eyelid, making the specialist’s work more difficult.

After your appointment, keep moisture away from your face for 24 hours so that the glue can thoroughly dry. Do not apply eye makeup. Sleep on your back if possible, and be careful not to rub your eyes or touch the lashes. From then on, be sure to clean your eyelids and lashes daily with water and baby shampoo or another oil-free cleanser. Gently pat the skin dry with a lint-free cloth.
If you continue to use mascara, apply it only to the tips of the eyelashes. Do not use waterproof eye makeup or products containing oil. They will dissolve the glue.

Stay away from long, hot showers or saunas. Too much steam will shorten the life of your extensions. If you go swimming, be sure to remove chlorine residue by rinsing your eyelids and lashes once you are out of the water.

The normal growth cycle for an eyelash is approximately four to eight weeks. With good care, your new eyelash extensions will last until the lashes to which they are attached fall out naturally. Because the extensions are glued to lashes that are in varying stages of growth, a few may fall out in two weeks or less. A follow-up visit to your technician every two to four weeks for a bit of eyelash extension maintenance allows you to continue indefinitely the vibrant look created by long, luxurious eyelashes.

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