8 Beauty Treatments to Pamper Yourself

8 Best Beauty Treatments to Pamper Yourself ALS San AntonioBetween balancing a full workload at the office and keeping up with errands at home, most of us are so busy these days that taking a break to enjoy the best beauty treatments to pamper yourself feels like an unattainable luxury. If special occasions are your only permission slips to slow down, here’s something new to smile about: Researchers say spoiling yourself more often is the key to healthy stress management. From head to toe, the eight indulgent treats below will keep you feeling and looking great every day of the year.

 1. Get in Touch with a Professional Massage 

Studies show massage therapy plays an important role in relieving pain, alleviating anxiety and promoting restful sleep. Plus, getting your kinks worked out feels pretty great.


2. Take a Trip to a Day Spa

What better way to start your day of relaxation than with a trip to a place created just for blowing off steam? From dimmed lights to nerve-soothing sounds, every detail in spa rooms is aimed at making you feel amazing.


3. Treatments at Home

With the mobile beauty trend taking off, it’s easy to get your favorite spa services – from facials to nail art – delivered right to your living room.


4. Soak Your Stress Away

Because they force you to relax and quiet your mind, hot baths are natural anxiety relievers. For a more powerful anti-stress punch, infuse the water with rejuvenating essential oils or calming lavender salts.


5. Try Eyelash Extensions

You don’t need to buy a one-way ticket to Hollywood to feel like a superstar. Applied with precision by an experienced technician, eyelash extensions will have you looking red-carpet ready for weeks in just a couple of hours.


6. Channel Your Inner Nirvana

When you’re having a tough day and can’t take time off to recharge, find a few free minutes to meditate. Shutting out the world while tuning into your mind gets easier the more you do it, and it’s an effective trick for coping with high-stress situations without losing your cool.


7. Score a Perfect Sun-Free Tan

Bronzed skin is a serious confidence booster, and thanks to advancements in self-tanning technology, flawless, UV-free color is always just one spray tan away.


8. Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Cocoa not only tells your brain to make more feel-good chemicals called endorphins, but it also helps lower cortisol, the main hormone responsible for elevated stress levels and feelings of depression.


In order to recharge, it’s important to take some time out and take care of yourself. We all have our favorite way to do that and these are eight of the best beauty treatments to pamper yourself this year.

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