4 Ways to Care for Lash Extensions

4 Ways to Care for Lash ExtensionsEyelash extensions are great for enhancing your natural beauty, so here are 4 ways to care for lash extensions to keep them at its best shape! Once you have experienced the amazing look of your new eyelashes, you will certainly want them to last as long as possible. Learning how to take care of eyelash extensions properly will accomplish this goal. These are basic procedures, and they are simple to learn. Maintaining your lashes will improve your overall experience, so you can get excited about caring for them every day. Important areas of care include eyelash cleaning, basic care and general observations.

Eyelash Cleaning

The lashes are applied to your natural lashes individually, so it is important to avoid using any eyeliner or mascara products that will interfere with the eyelash extensions. Cleaning your eyes properly is a key point for maintaining eyelash longevity. Every day, you must remove all of the makeup around your eyes, and limit your makeup remover to products that are oil-free.

Basic Eyelash Care

Several tips can prolong the life of your extensions. For example, make sure to avoid getting the eyelash extensions wet for 48 hours after the initial application. This requires careful planning before important appointments or other events. Once the lashes are applied, carefully avoid touching or pulling them, and do not curl them. After the waiting period, you will be able to swim and shower normally. Simply check your eyelashes carefully after every interaction with water. For the best results, use eyeliner, mascara and makeup removal products designed for compliance with the eyelash extensions. This will ensure compatibility, and you can easily avoid the most common mistakes.

What To Avoid

When getting eyelash extensions it’s important to know what to avoid. For example, it is fine to apply mascara to the eyelashes; however, this is only appropriate when applied to the tips. Applying mascara to the base of the lashes can cause clumping and associated problems. The type of mascara is important as well, so be careful to avoid using products that are waterproof, gel-based, oil-based or color-stay. Be sure to clean your eyes very well before getting your eyelashes attached. This basic observation can really enhance the lifespan of your extensions.


Finally, get the lashes touched up at least once a month. By learning how to take care of eyelash extensions and observing these basic practices, you can enjoy the full range of benefits of your eyelash extensions.

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