10 reasons to Love Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions

10 reasons to love your semi permanent eyelash extensions ALS San AntonioA glance around the newsstand explains the popularity of semi-permanent eyelash extensions. Photos of glamorous models and celebrities with lush, sweeping lashes are splashed all over beauty, fashion and pop culture magazine covers. We’ve all figured out by now that it’s hard to get that super-glam look from mascara alone, so what’s their secret? Semi-permanent eyelash extensions, of course!

Eyelash extensions aren’t just for Hollywood starlets and supermodels. Here are ten reasons to consider enhancing your looks with these instant beauty boosters:

1. Time to hit the snooze button

Who couldn’t use a few extra minutes every morning? Although you can use mascara on them, extensions let you look gorgeous without the hassle of fake eyelashes or eye makeup.

2. Long-lasting results

Extensions last up to two months, so you won’t be so busy booking appointments with your lash specialist that you can’t enjoy the rest of your life.

3. No need for multiple mascaras

Walk into any drugstore and you’ll find dozens of mascaras offering a wealth of beauty benefits. From colorful styles to extreme lash-plumping formulas, we can get any look we want these days. Sometimes, though, you may find yourself layering on different products to get it just right — one for thicker lashes, another for extra oomph at the outer eye. Extensions look lovely the minute you roll out of bed, and you’ll even save money on mascara.

4. Custom-eyes it

Semi-permanent lash extensions are available in a wide variety of colors, shapes and lengths. Get as close to your own lash color as you want, or get dramatic with a not-so-natural shade. Go for a long-and-luscious fringe or a more natural length. Silk, synthetic and mink options even let you choose your texture.

5. A fashion accessory on your eyes

Whether you opt to save time and go natural or try out the latest lash-lengthening mascaras, your lashes express your personal style.

6. No need to stay out of the water

Lash extensions are water-resistant, so they look great even after an impromptu swim or a good cry. The occasional steam room or sauna visit is even OK.

7. Won’t harm your natural lashes

Your extensions will go through the growth cycle alongside your other lashes just as natural eyelashes would.

8. Pros know

Booking an appointment with a lash specialist trained in eyelash extensions ensures a safe, smooth, comfortable experience.

9. Go halfsies

If you’re on a budget or just need to fill out your lash line, a half set lets you experience the joys of lash extensions for less.

10. Low-maintenance beauty

Remove eye makeup with warm water and a gel-based cleanser; your lash specialist can recommend a good one. Otherwise, no special products are required to keep those semi permanent eyelash extensions looking great. Schedule your appointment today at Amazing Lash Studio San Antonio.



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