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Eyelash Extensions San Antonio

Some seek dramatic transformations that only long, dark and thick extensions can achieve Others simply want fuller yet natural-looking results. No matter the eyelash look you prefer, Amazing Lash Studio can pull it off in spectacular style.

Eyelash extensions are difficult to detect but make a dramatic difference in your everyday appearance. They are also a great way to achieve an incredible look for your wedding, prom or other special event. You don’t have to concern yourself with removal because that is a completely natural, gradual process.

Why lash extensions?

Long, lush eyelashes are fashion essentials, but you may feel you just don’t have enough time in the morning to really get your lashes looking right. We have the ideal solution for women in the San Antonio area, bringing you the sumptuous, eye-enhancing look you crave without the daily time commitment. For semi-permanent eyelash extensions, San Antonio women trust Amazing Lash Studio to provide the customized color and length that highlights incredible eyes. Our licensed lash specialists have the expertise to create the lashes you love within two hours, letting you indulge in fabulous eyelashes without devoting another minute to daily prep.





What can I expect during the process?

The first step in your transformation to tantalizing lashes is working with your specialist to achieve a signature look. Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach to lash extensions, we specialize in enhancing your lashes to bring out the beauty that is uniquely your own. You and your lash specialist will discuss not only your personal preferences but also how the shape of your eyes and face pertain to your choice of lash style. Other considerations include the effect eyeglasses may have on your lash choices, your reasons for getting extensions and your ultimate beauty goals.

Once you and your studio specialist have reached a consensus, we create eyelash extensions expressly for you. Your specialist then applies them to each of your natural lashes with a waterproof pharmaceutical-grade adhesive. The extensive training and experience of each specialist means that the entire process from start to finish is professional and efficient. You’ll be awed by the absolutely amazing results.


How long does it take to apply?

Our highly skilled and creative lash specialists have worked hard to create an efficient, fast and thorough process that can have you walking out the door with thick, long, beautiful eyelashes in 1 1/2 to 2 hours.


How often will I need new lashes applied?

Eyelash extensions San Antonio are semi-permanent because your real lashes are constantly undergoing the natural process of shedding and regrowth. Depending on your own particular cycle, your extensions from Amazing Lash Studio eventually fall out along with your natural lashes, making way for new ones. As this ongoing cycle takes place, we can fill in your lash lines as needed to keep your eyes looking fabulous.


Who will be working on my lashes?

Your licensed and experienced lash extension specialists will be your go-to experts for consultation, application, and maintenance tips for your new lashes! They’ll provide you with tips for extending the life of your new lashes and how to keep them looking their absolute best. You’re going to love the freedom of fashion-friendly, no-fuss lash extensions. Call for your appointment today!

The custom lashes San Antonio residents have been waiting for are closer than you think. Call now or fill out the form on the right to schedule an appointment at our San Antonio, Texas, facility!